Friday, 13 April 2012

moving forward

My newly completed Miribilia Christmas Elf Fairy. She was very fun to do even though it is the wrong time of year to work on a Christmas piece. I purchased the kit for her online, though I can't remember who I went through.. I did end up changing the fabric for her though as I did not like what came in the kit. I purchased a Polstitches fabric "Pearl" as an opalescent lugana and I think she has turned out quite nicely. She will most likely become a Christmas gift for my mother this year once she has been framed.

I have yet to finish the stargrazer. She is almost done, I have a little bit of beading to do on one part of her dress but I have run out of the beads that I need and have yet to venture out to restock. Both designs has been a joy to stitch and actually really quick for me to get through which surprised me. I don't think I will have much time for my stitching in the next few weeks as I will be starting up my teaching rounds again and that really wears me out.

I'm thinking that my next project will be the Earth Goddess by Joan Elliot, I have everything I need to start her and I think she will look amazing once done. I really should finish the stargazer first though. Hmmm, decisions decisions...