Friday, 17 February 2012

As my first post I would like to introduce the idea of this blog. I've been finding recently that while I am still enjoying doing my cross-stitching it does not have much of a place in my life among my friends and family (none of the sew except my mother). This leaves me with little to no outlet for discussing my sewing issues or excitments with anyone other than myself and that can get a little irritating. Im also not very good on discussion boards so that is not really an option for me either. So I thought, why not create another blog just for the purpose of rambling on about my cross-stitching woes and glories; this way I am able to vent without anyone having to be involved but my ideas and completions are still making their way out into the world.

I thought I would start by uploading a photo of a piece I finished last year in about 3 weeks (I had a lot of spare time on my hands)

She is Nora Corbetts "Ivy" and I think she turned out quite nicely. I have plans to have her framed but time and money are always an issue. The lighting in the photo is a poor but I'm hoping to get a better shot when I finally have her framed.

I'm currently working on "The Stargazer" by Mirabilia and she is almost finished. Will post a picture later. XD

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